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60's Music / Jazz GROUP in 2018

FRIDAY, 30th November 2018    Comedy and novelty records

Benny Hill – Gather In The Mushrooms
*Mike Sarne and Wendy Richards – Come Outside
Jo Ann Campbell – I’m The Girl From Wolverton Mountain
Johnny Cash – A Boy Named Sue
Bruce Forsyth – I’m Backing Britain
Barry Humphreys – Chunder In The Old Pacific Sea
Lonnie Donegan – Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour
*Peter Paul and Mary – Puff The Magic Dragon
Des O’Connor – Thin Chow Mein
Dora Bryan – All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle
Peter Sellers – On Her Majesty’s Swinging Service
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – Jollity Farm

Pat Boone – Speedy Gonzales
Bob Newhart – Returning A Gift
Paddy Roberts – The Belle Of Barking Creek
Spike Milligan – Postman’s Knock
Cream – Mother’s Lament
Johnny Horton – The Battle Of New Orleans
West Side Story Soundtrack – Gee Officer Krupke
Alan Sherman – The Mexican Hat Dance
Peter Cook – Psychedelic Baby
Tommy Cooper – Don’t Jump Off The Roof Dad
Joe Brown – Layabout’s Lament
Charlie Drake – Mr Custer
Lance Percival – Shame And Scandal In The Family

Willie Rushton – Lift Up Your Parts
Goons – The Ying Tong Song
Roger Miller – England Swings
Bob Newhart – The Voyage Of The USS Codfish
Sue Thompson – James Hold The Ladder Steady
Charlie Drake – My Boomerang Won’t Come Back
*Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren – Goodness Gracious Me

32 tunes : Ladies 3 ; Gents 26 ; 3 Mixed ensembles

More than crock ‘n roll.   A roomful of “Avids” share/celebrate/educate/bop to discover
each others’ musical favourites, ranging from “Twist And Shout” to “Petite Fleur” and beyond.

Next time :     Time travellers hit 1968 .

For more details please email: websitemanager@u3abromley.org.uk