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Camera Club

The development of individual technical, visual and creative skills in digital photography and image manipulation is encouraged through talks and demonstrations.  Topics covered include using digital cameras and photo editing/enhancement using proprietary computer software [e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements].  Competitions and showings of members’ photographs are held regularly to encourage the taking of and improvement to our photographs. 

The Club meets on 1st and 3rd Mondays in the months September to June with normal Bank Holiday breaks. A charge is made in advance to cover room hire, and tea/ coffee is available. 10am Oakley House, Bromley Common, BR2 8HA.  Fifth Mondays are often days for a photoshoot somewhere.

This is a group that strives to follow the U3A ideal of being a ‘self-help’ group.  We rely on our members to go out and take photographs and bring them for showing to the group for comment.  Other presentations and talks are arranged as and when according to individual expertise.  Currently we seek members who can give constructive criticism to our photos with a view to improving them both technically and artistically.

In the longer term, we are looking also for a volunteer to take over as convenor and organiser of the group.  A proportion of the club membership is prepared to contribute ideas for future sessions.

Our programme for the remainder of 2017 is as follows:

04 September Spot Metering & Digital Manipulation - Alan Davis
18 September Large Format Photography (Steve Hammett) Using free 3rd party photo editing aps (Various presenters - see remarks) Mike Maggs
02 October Portrait Photography:split session - talk and practical (Charles Hambleton) - bring camera and tripod.  RGH absent
16 October How to create a good photograph: Techniques of Composition (Charles Hambleton)
30 October Fifth Monday - Photoshoot venue ?Danson Park
06 November Bring your photoshoot photos
20 November How to make a slideshow, Richard Hunt/Major General Trooping rehearsal
04 December Human Visual Perception - Some Implications for Photographers - Michael Maggs - 1 hr/An aspect of Photoshop Elements (RGH)
11 December Open Forum - Christmassy things with Camera Club - Mince pies etc
Remarks: Aim to cover the GIMP, and time permitting, other editors.
Next year ideas:   Camera mechanics - manual settings, aperture, shutter speed etc.

 Winners of our latest competition, chosen by our members.   

 Svalbard Magdelene Fiord Ice-scape
by Steve Hammett
by Vanessa Jenkins
Mer de Glace
by Fergus Cooper
 – winner of the last Club competition

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Link to videoclip of images recently reviewed by Vicky Fry

For more information email: Bromley U3A