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Intermediate and Experienced

We are a small group and meet in members' houses. At meetings we discuss what we have done in the past month and offer advice and sources for further research. Some members use the Internet for research.

We welcome new members.

4th WEDNESDAY M 1400 Various locations 

Mixed, beginners to very experienced

Genealogy is a very popular subject, and it can be quite addictive!   It used to involve a lot of travelling, visiting records offices and ploughing laboriously through old registers and microfilms.  Now some aspects are a lot easier as a great deal can be done online at home, although it’s still sometimes necessary to visit records offices as well.  

The group meets in the leader’s home so we are limited to 9 or 10 members.  Our members have a wide range of experience, from very knowledgeable to almost complete beginners.    We focus a lot on using online resources, so being computer literate is important.  Our meetings are fairly unstructured:  we talk about what we've been doing, sharing the successes we've had and what problems we have come up against when we can't find the information we want.  We find it very useful to share our brick walls; pooling our knowledge to try to come up with ways round them.  We run online searches to help members and to find where the information people want may be located, for instance looking up the census data or finding where the parish registers for a particular area are held and whether they can be accessed online or in a local records office. We discuss the various subscription websites that are available like Ancestry and Find My Past and their pros and cons, and what new data they have.  We also discuss the software you can buy for keeping your family tree on your own computer and the benefits of this.  Sometimes we organise visits to records offices.  

We love having new members join the group because normally we can get them quite a long way back quite quickly.  If your ancestors are from the UK you can often get back to the 1840s without too much difficulty providing that the names aren’t very common ones.  

Although genealogy can be an expensive interest, with many records only easily available via subscription or pay per view sites, there are also many free sources and it is certainly rewarding to see your family tree grow and to find out more about who your ancestors were and what their lives were like.

Last TUESDAY M 14.30 Beckenham



For more details please email: websitemanager@u3abromley.org.uk