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Beryl Cook   Birds 2  Clown

Marquetry is an old craft that has been adapted to an easy-to-learn craft that almost anyone can do.  The designs are often traced so no artistic ability is essential and it can be done at any level you like.  Beginners do a simple design and then you can develop at your own speed.  Impressive work can be achieved at any level.  We mostly do pictures but we have decorated coasters, boxes, trays and so on.  Anything with a flat wood surface can be used as a base.  

Only one piece at a time is worked on so any mistakes can be rectified and the design can be adapted as you go along - a very free and easy way to work.  

Materials are few.  You can start with a cutting mat, a scalpel and some PVA glue.  We have a good supply of veneers that are free to members.  

We meet at The Lounge, Holy Trinity Church, Leonard Road, Penge SE20 7LX every Thursday at 2pm. 
We have terms and we adjust the fees to the number of weeks.  It averages about £30 per term which is only about £3 per session.  

We are happy for anyone to come along for a taster session or two to see how they get on.  Meet everyone and see the sort of work we are doing compared to the length of time the person has been in the class.  Take the plunge and give us a try.  It is not as hard as you think!  


Why not email : websitemanager@u3abromley.org.uk  with your contact details and we can get in touch for a chat.