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Philosophy Group (3)

Spring and Summer Autumn Programmes 2018

This group has decided to discuss some of the contemporary problems confronting philosophy interspersed with discussion on some of the classic philosophers. Leadership of each session is undertaken voluntarily by group members who prepare the presentation and also questions for discussion. We break half-way through the session for refreshments.

Venue: The Small Hall, 4th floor, Bromley Central Library on Mondays: 10.00 - 12.00 mid-day

New members are very welcome but there is now a waiting list. Please call Glennis Crane: 01689 853166    




16 Apr

Niccolò Machiavelli – practical politician?

Pauline Lambourne

21 May

Problems in Political Philosophy (6) Global Justice

Martin Walter

04 Jun

Rationalism and Empiricism

Christopher Jackman

18 Jun

Philosophy at the time of the French Revolution

Susanne Cocker

02 Jul

The Importance of Locke in Western Philosophy

Keith Jeremiah

16 Jul

The Importance of Hume in Western Philosophy

Christine Davies



Link to talk on Existentialism given on 20 February 2017

For more information email: bromleyu3a@btinternet.com