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Programme Spring and Summer 2017

The group continues to study the development of philosophical thought from pre-Socratic times to the present day.  We are using a new series of half-hour lectures on DVDs in The Great Courses series. The designated leader, having previous viewed the DVD and the transcript, prepares an introduction, setting out some of the main concepts covered in the DVD lecture. This takes us about an hour when we break for refreshments. In the second half the leader will have identified some questions to focus our general discussion on the issues raised earlier

Venue: the Small Hall, 4th floor, Bromley Central Library on Mondays at our new time; 10.00 - 12.00  

20 February -Jean-Paul Sartre & Existentialism -Martin Walter  

06 March - Wittgenstein & Language Analysis -Carole Blatcher  

20 March - The Frankfurt School - Keith Jeremiah  

03 April -Structuralism – Saussure and Levi-Strauss -Adrian Lambourne  

15 May: Simone de Beauvoir - Suzanne Cocker & A N Other  

05 June - Albert Camus - TBA  

19 June -  The Crisis of Modernity In the 20th Century – Introduction- TBA  

03 July - Hayek and Critique of Central Plannin - TBA  

17 July -Kuhn’s Paradigm - TBA  

Link to talk on Existentialism given on 20 February 2017

For more information email: Bromley U3A