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A new group for 2016 which meets on alternate Mondays at 2pm on 5th Floor or Bromley Library.

Introductory Programme  

1. Introduction to Psychology

2. Methods in Psychology

3. Biological approach

4. Behavioural approach

5. Cognitive approach

6. Psychodynamic approach

7. Humanistic approach  

8. Psychometrics 

Sessions will be interactive and it will be useful to have a notebook and pen. The recommended book will enhance your understanding. Carole used to teach on ‘A’ level and degree level courses so the early sessions will tend to be didactic since there are certain general approaches to Psychology which are basic to the understanding of more specific aspects such as the study of Prejudice, Eye witness testimony or Sport psychology.

We will be using Powerpoint presentations, DVDs, group work and group discussion to explore the relationship between thought, feeling and behaviour. We may carry out a few studies of our own.

Link to Social Studies Group Talk on Assessing Mental Health Needs in Older People

For more information email: Bromley U3A