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This Group meets on alternate Mondays at 2pm on 5th Floor of Bromley Library.

 The group continues to look at specific topics under the general theme of Child Development.  Popular and sometimes contentious recent subjects have included the development of Gender Identity, Intelligence and Deprivation and Enrichment.  Intelligence is one of those attributes we all think we recognise when we see it (or do we), but trying to define it is a different matter entirely.  What do intelligence tests actually measure, are they valid and reliable and is intelligence inherited or does its development depend largely on a child's environment?  We then went on to consider whether it is possible to compensate for the effects of early deprivation by adopting various enrichment programmes and if so how early do these have to start to be effective.  We should complete our current theme by the end of the year and will be embarking on a new area of particular interest to us senior citizens: Memory. 

Sessions will be interactive and it will be useful to have a notebook and pen. The recommended book will enhance your understanding. Carole used to teach on ‘A’ level and degree level courses so the early sessions will tend to be didactic since there are certain general approaches to Psychology which are basic to the understanding of more specific aspects such as the study of Prejudice, Eye witness testimony or Sport psychology. We will be using Powerpoint presentations, DVDs, group work and group discussion to explore the relationship between thought, feeling and behaviour. We may carry out a few studies of our own.

Dates and topics for upcoming meetings include:

13 May     Self and Identity
10 Jun      Attitudes
24 Jun      Persuasion and Attitude Change
18 July      Social Influence
22 July      People in Groups


Link to Social Studies Group Talk on Assessing Mental Health Needs in Older People

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