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Social Studies    Spring and Summer   2019

In the coming term we will be combining personal experience with broader social perspectives, under the general heading, “What we’ve seen. What we’ve learned?” The question mark is crucial. The idea is not just to look at changes we’ve directly observed and/ or taken part in, but to evaluate them – are we as a society more efficient now, fairer, more realistic?

Meetings, which are fortnightly from 26th April to 19th July, are held in the small hall on the 4th floor of Bromley Library. They are all on Fridays. They begin at 10am with a talk prepared by one or more of us, then we break for coffee and biscuits at 11, followed by a general discussion on or around the day’s topic when we all pitch in with our opinions until 12 o’clock.

To meet the cost of hiring the venue there is a small charge, normally around £6 or £7 a term. New members and opinions are always welcome

For more details please email: websitemanager@u3abromley.org.uk

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Link to talk on Assessing Mental Health Needs of Older People