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Spanish - Advanced 

The Advanced Spanish group is for people who can hold a conversation about a range of topics in the language. 

It is held in members' houses and, in addition to everyday conversation, we have a topic each session with a handout/vocabulary list so we extend our fluency.  The emphasis is on communication rather than accuracy - grammar would need to be studied in your own time or elsewhere.  

We meet first and third Thursdays of the month at 2.30 pm

Spanish Intermediate

This is not so much an advertisement as a simple report, for alas, it is not possible for us to take in any more members, through sheer lack of accommodation. Nobody leaves. Enjoyment is the keynote.

This group must be one of the oldest in U3A Bromley. It began as a beginners’ group, until the leader, a qualified teacher of Spanish, could officially say they had covered everything. Radical changing verbs? Present or Imperfect Subjunctive? You name it. But of course it is conversation, discussion and reading that incorporate all of that musty stuff!

So our command of Spanish is varied, and one or two members of our group, whose Spanish is fluent, and who who first joined before the Advanced Group was formed, have subsequently joined that group also, while continuing to give us the benefit of their membership. This is not merely out of loyalty. They actually enjoy being with us!

Indeed, we are fortunate in that each member is able to contribute from their experience through travelling or having lived and worked in Spain or Latin America, or through outright enthusiasm and interest. 

Spanish Self Help

A wide ability group. Using “El Sol”, a Spanish educational magazine, we learn about current issues in Spain and South America. We also use books, conversation cards, videos and Spanish games to maintain and develop our basic knowledge of Spanish in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. MONDAY W 1000 hours Bromley/Beckenham

For more details please email: websitemanager@u3abromley.org.uk