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Learning to be retired

If you haven’t taken to retirement like a ‘duck to water’ this is the course for you. The course will run online, via Zoom, for six weeks starting in early 2024.

The course doesn’t try to tell you what your retirement should look like – only you can decide that. Nor does it cover financial matters. But the course does prompt you to think deeply about what you want from your retirement – examining what’s important to you, looking at what beliefs might be holding you back, deciding which skills you’d like to carry forward into your retirement and, of course exploring all the many opportunities open to you.

You will be lead you through the course and the sessions will include individual exercises followed by group discussions. Each week, prior to the session, you will be emailed the handouts for the next session for you to print off. You’ll need to bring a pen and paper to the session and a willingness to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns with the group.

Online via Zoom TBA

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