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u3a Bromley

Brief Encounter at Bromley Little Theatre (Saturday matinee)

6th July 2024

Well our group were all wondering how this was going to be portrayed on the stage and if we needed our hankies! We shouldn’t have feared because as always BLT did not disappoint, and we didn’t need our hankies.

Emma Rice’s innovative adaption of the film was very similar in story to the film but was completely re-imagined and with the addition of humour, movement, music and songs (also by Noel Coward) which made it a delight to watch. Also it was lovely to hear the actors sing and see their well thought out moves. Laura and Alec played by Sophie Atalar and Alex McDonald were just right and the period clothing was excellent.

We also enjoyed the scenes between the station staff and their love affairs accompanied by song and dance. The film backdrop was great and the idea of it being a film and with ushers from the cast showing us to our seats was an innovative idea. All in all another very successful production from BLT.

Contributed by Mary Garside

PS The theatre group attends each Saturday matinee so if you would like to come to a play at Bromley Little Theatre let Mary Garside know. The September play is Jane Eyre on the 14th at 2.30.  Please click here for contact details.

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