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Health and Wellbeing Programmes (update)

17th July 2024

Bromley Well ran several Health and Well-being Programmes for u3a Bromley Members in 2023 and early 2024. Over 60 Members signed up and took part in these and are now managing their health differently. They were grateful for the opportunity to attend.

Click on the link to see a Video made about the Bromley Well Service and the Programmes; the video was partly shot in one of our later Programmes.
An Introduction to Our Long Term Health Conditions Service - YouTube

Bromley Well continue to offer these Sessions to borough residents on an open programme basis, see their Website for more info about their services. www.bromleywell.org.uk

This is what some said about their experience of attending:

"I attended the programme in Orpington and found it interesting, thought-provoking and helpful. The two leaders, Christine and Queen, made a good team, presenting the topics clearly and were great at explaining things further as questions arose. The mixed methods of presentation, including slides and quizzes, kept focus and interest. The topics not of the most immediate relevance to my situation/health will, for sure, be of use at some point in the coming years. I hope others will be able to experience and benefit from the course." (Elizabeth)

"I participated in the Health and Wellbeing programme and can highly recommend it. So many areas of useful information each week. I found that, even though not all subjects may apply to your current situation, you are left with an excellent file on health and wellbeing guidance for the future." (Hilary)

“I enjoyed the health and wellbeing course. As I have always done a lot of exercise and movement classes it was nice to have it confirmed how important it is to keep moving. One of the things I will take from it is how much full fat milk is better for you than semi and skimmed milk. I now only use full fat milk”. Anne B

“I found the health and wellbeing sessions fun and really helpful in working out achievable healthy eating and exercise goals. Dean was an entertaining advisor”. Jane

“Ever since I took part in the Bromley Well programme I have been having whole milk because it retains all the nutrients and it’s relatively low-fat”. Pat

“I found the course informative, it was useful to hear about other participants in similar situations and experiences”. John

“This was an enjoyable programme.....good advice and important reminders of what we can do to improve our health as we age”. Ann

“After fracturing my shoulder in a fall last year, I was keen to read the link provided on 'falls prevention and postural stability'. It was also interesting to hear how others within the group dealt with their senior lifestyle changes”. Barbara

”Bromley Wellbeing was fantastic, really helped me and I made a new friend. Dean delivered an excellent course”. Sally

“I thought the Health and Well workshop was excellent, well thought through and delivered. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very helpful and informative and would welcome attending future wellbeing events. I would encourage anyone to attend”. Ann G

“I thoroughly enjoyed and found very informative the Health and Wellbeing Programmes. I would be very happy to attend any future ones”. Barbara

“I really enjoyed the course. Most of the attendees stayed (the course) and the guy who delivered the course was very enthusiastic and enabled us to participate and ask questions. I was interviewed and filmed by a lovely photographer”. Maria

“The course covered a wide range of topics each with a full and very useful handout. Quite a lot of the information was not new but it was valuable to have it together in one place. There were some useful tips which I have adopted. The tutor was clear and answered questions”. Sally P

“Didn’t really learn anything new to me but have done lots of reading and research around the topics anyway . Was useful as revision and bringing knowledge together. However was great to share experiences with others and learned bits and pieces from them - benefits from this type of course often come from group experience anyway”. Donna

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