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u3a Bromley

Kiss Me Kate at the Barbican Theatre

20th June 2024

It seemed a shame to be spending a couple of hours inside on one of the few warm sunny days so far this summer but it turned out to be worth it.

With Adrian Dunbar (revealing a surprisingly pleasant singing voice) and Stephanie J Block (Broadway royalty according to one review) in the leading roles, this production also has a host of stars from other West End shows. A theatre company are in the final stages of rehearsal for The Taming of the Shrew, but it is complicated by the fact that the producer and leading man is the ex-husband of the leading lady and a couple of gangsters are literally gunning for the producer who they mistakenly think owes their boss money. With impeccable dancing and beautiful singing plus a happy ending its a joy to watch.

Pure escapism from start to finish with one Cole Porter hit after another -absolute bliss!

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