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u3a Bromley

Nye at Bromley Picturehouse

7th May 2024

Aneurin Bevan, with his passion and determination, was the primary force in the formation of the NHS in 1948. This National Theatre staging shows him in his hospital bed after an operation to remove a stomach ulcer, with his wife, Jennie Lee and great friend Archie Lush by his side. He actually had terminal stomach cancer but was never told. Through his morphine induced dreams we are transported back and forth from past to present as he recalls his life. Martin Sheen is exceptional in the title role and Sharon Small gives and excellent performance as his wife. Several of the cast play two or three roles and the sets and props are cleverly moved around to become different objects depending on the scene. This is a personal opinion of course, but I find it so hard after nearly 80 years, watching the NHS struggling to survive.

This National Theatre production is the 100th live screening since the first, Phedre, in 2009 and enables people worldwide to experience the theatre experience as closely as possible. These screenings have been an enormous success.

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