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U3A BROMLEY is a self-help organisation, one of over 1,200 independent U3As forming the Third Age Trust in the UK. It is a non profit-making Registered Charity which started in 1990 and offers all retired and semi-retired people a variety of opportunities to use their knowledge, skills and experience and to acquire new ones in an informal, friendly atmosphere.

U3A Bromley has more than 1400 members and many different interest groups. These interest groups are organised by the members for the members – each member making a contribution in keeping with their particular skills, abilities and knowledge.

Each local U3A is autonomous.  Bromley arranges its own programme of study and recreational courses, visits, talks, travel, at home and abroad, social events and other activities.

Thinking of joining u3a Bromley?

There are over 20 active groups you can choose from as soon as you join us.  They are continuing to meet using various online methods such as Zoom or WhatsApp.

Click here to see a list (PDF) of our active groups and how they are working.

Covid-19 Update November 2020

The Executive Committee is still monitoring the situation regarding the possible restarting of group activities.  Members may be aware that many of our 84 Interest Groups are continuing to function in some form during lockdown; details were published in the September Newsletter.

Other groups, mainly the Open Meetings, have been affected by the closure of the relevant venues following Government instruction.  Although some of these venues are re-opening, the committee considers that the measures in place there, although safe and well-implemented, may still leave our members at risk, even before taking into account the overall Covid-19 situation. 

We have therefore decided that until we are absolutely certain that it is safe for our members to restart activities in larger enclosed venues, U3A Bromley will continue to pursue activities online, by email,  telephone or any other safe means, for the time being.

We will continue to review the situation and keep members informed.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM, which was postponed earlier this year, is now taking place on Tuesday November 24th at 2.30pm using the Zoom online conferencing facility.  The reports and minutes were emailed to all members who have provided an email address, but are unchanged, apart from the date.  Therefore the documents you received in March will still be relevant. 

The Zoom meeting details will be emailed out 48 hours before the 24th. Please contact a Committee member if you require more information.

Member Information

All Members of U3A Bromley receive an Interest Group Booklet containing details of all the U3A groups and activities and Newsletters throughout the year.  We also send members useful information about online activities using our secure Beacon email system.

The U3A

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The U3A Bromley Committee

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U3A Bromley Policies and Constitution

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