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U3A Bromley would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our members.  We hope that you have all enjoyed your experience with us in 2019, and that you will continue to learn, laugh and live with us in 2020 and years to come.  We welcome other visitors to this site who may wish to explore further to see what we have to offer and be inspired to join us in 2020.

U3A BROMLEY is a self-help organisation, one of over 1,200 independent U3As forming the Third Age Trust in the UK. It is a non profit-making Registered Charity which started in 1990 and offers all retired and semi-retired people a variety of opportunities to use their knowledge, skills and experience and to acquire new ones in an informal, friendly atmosphere.

Bromley High Street by David Massey

U3A Bromley has more than 1700 members and many different interest groups. These interest groups are organised by the members for the members – each member making a contribution in keeping with their particular skills, abilities and knowledge.

Each local U3A is autonomous.  Bromley arranges its own programme of study and recreational courses, visits, talks, travel, at home and abroad, social events and other activities.

Member Information

All Members of U3A Bromley receive an Interest Group Booklet containing details of all the U3A groups and activities and a Newsletter six times a year with news and updates.

Where we meet

Larger groups may hire a local hall with a small charge made to cover the cost and speakers expenses. Some of the larger groups are ‘Open Groups’ where members are welcome to attend without first referring to the contact. Smaller interest groups may meet in members’ homes. A booklet listing all groups and contacts is supplied to all new members. Please refer to the individual group entry under Open or Interest Groups.

The U3A

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The U3A Bromley Committee

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U3A Bromley Policies

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