Modern World

The Modern World group, which is an open group to which every member is invited, meets on the second and fourth Tuesday morning of each month except August, when there are no meetings and December when there is only one meeting which is the Christmas Social for which tickets are required.  

We meet in the large hall on the fourth floor of the Bromley Central Library at 10.30.  Cost per meeting is now £1.  The meetings generally last for an hour or so.

There is usually a visiting speaker; an expert in their field.  The topics are wide ranging and we consider modern day scientific, social, legal, and often local matters, health issues and healthcare provision. Topics considered are from both home and abroad. 

The Modern World Programme

In light of the current situation in regard to the Coronavirus, the Modern World committee has decided to cancel all our meetings until June.

The next scheduled meeting will therefore be on June 9th.

9 Jun    The erosion of free speech; can we protect our legacy?

Britain has enjoyed freedom of speech since around the year 1700, but how safe is it?  And what can we do to ensure that our children and grandchildren enjoy it?  The speaker, Jonathan Coulter will try to answer these questions. Jonathan is 71 years old and retired, after a career in overseas development that involved extensive travel.  His experience in recent years has made him increasingly concerned that the British news media is falling seriously short in its mission to produce a better informed public, and that this is damaging our ability to cope with multiple challenges, particularly in the international sphere. In his talk he will examine the hacking scandal and other events of this century, and speak of his own advocacy work, revealing a state of affairs of which most British people still have very limited awareness. 

23 Jun Lasting Power of Attorney

Gaye Illsley is a U3A member and gives educational talks on Lasting Power of Attorney to U3A groups. She feels this is an important subject matter and is surprised that so many of our members are not aware of these important documents. She will share her personal experiences of using LPAs to care for her mother & sister and explain all the options to put these documents in place.

14 Jul   Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery has increased over recent years in the UK and it is believed that every postcode in the UK has Slavery within it. Therefore awareness is more key than ever before, over 2018/2019, it is estimated there was 136,000 men, women and children in slavery ranging from high street nail bars and car washes to the agricultural industry, construction and domestic servitude.Medaille Trust is the largest provider of supported accommodation for victims of modern slavery in the UK. Our national network of safe houses provides personalised support, empowering clients on their path to a life free from slavery and exploitation.

28th Jul  Having Your Say on Health and Social Care in Bromley 

Have you ever felt you’re not being listened to about the state of local health and social care? Find out today how you can make your voice heard through Healthwatch Bromley. The organisation’s Project Officer and Management Committee Members (also U3A members), will be telling us about what Healthwatch Bromley offers you. In addition, if you have a recent experience that you’d like us to hear about – good or bad – there will be plenty of feedback forms for you to complete, so do bring a pen or pencil.