If you like playing bridge, come along to our friendly Friday afternoon group at the Bromley United Reformed Church in the Lovell Room between 1.30pm and 4.00pm. No partner is needed as we play Chicago bridge where each player plays with a different person after every four games. Come along and make some new friends!


You do not need a partner   TUESDAY AFTERNOONS – 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm at THE UNITED REFORMED CHURCH, Widmore Road Bromley.   Come and join a friendly group who meet every Tuesday afternoon at the above time and place to play 8 prepared hands on a 2 weekly rota relating to a particular convention with guidelines provided.   The hands are set according to the notes inside the wallets and often provide a lively discussion at the end of each game.   Finally at the end of the session there is often time to play non-prepared hands as well.